Friday, October 26, 2007

'All Irish' Stuffed Mushrooms

I love the choice of ingredients for my very first Royal Foodie Joust. Thanks to The Pie Lady for that.
In this recipe I have used local Irish produce where possible and kept it simple. I could have pored over many of Chef's (Hubby) recipe books for hours, but decided to go with my instinct and not to try too hard! Maybe next month I may show off a little.
I love soft cheese and used Boilie which is very tasty and goes well with most types of mushrooms. I could eat it till the cows come home!
I chose large flat mushrooms because they were most suitable for what I wanted to cook. Although the cheese already has herbs, I decided to add my favourite herb, coriander.

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Jen said...

Boilie is lovely stuff, isn't it? I only discovered it recently and keep throwing it into everything...