Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tournedos Rossini

When I made the beetroot with goats cheese, although the starter was lovely, this time I added creme fraiche. It was much creamier

Red wine jus

Fois gras

Fillet steaks sealed

I wish I'd have taken a few more photographs of last nights dinner. I feel awkward doing it when we have guests, especially if they don't know I have a food blog!
So these pics were taken just before they arrived.


Nicole said...

Holy cow! (hee hee) This looks REALLY delish!

Núria said...

Really impressive!!! I can even smell it! Now I know how your (Irish) meat tastes!!!!

Sharona May said...

Wow! your dinners are so fancy. I love the last few entries on your blog.

Sharona May
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Núria said...

Hola Anna!
I didn't know where to send you this, so I'm sending it as a comment... I'm having a "plaice" for my favs blogs in my Spanish Recipes and I'll have a link to yours, hope you like that! :-)
Let me know what you think, Ok?
Best wishes

Jen said...

Know what you mean about being camera shy around guests. I've yet to pluck up the courage to make people wait for their increasingly cold dinner as I attempt to get the 'perfect' shot.

Dinner looks delicious by the way!

giz said...

Ok, now I'm really curious - you'll have to make those tornedos again so we can see the finished product - or - I suppose I could make them too. They look really interesting.